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So, I never bother making resolutions for the New Year. Mostly because I know I will fail at them. But I came up with one this year that I will probably fail but I at least wanna fail trying, not just fail by giving up.

So, I have revived... BOB'S BLOBS!

It always bothered me that I came "close" to creating 1000 blobs. Ok, so I was 290 away from 1000, but 710 is still close in my eyes. So, here goes. My goal is to hit 1000 by the end of December 31st, 2015. Can I do it? Who knows. But I got 9 done the past two days, so that puts me at 281 away...

Invader Zim blobs by thebobguy

Also, this sort of means I'm trying to create digital art again. I finally have a computer that can handle my tablet and Photoshop. It was frustrating to draw when the lines would delay and appear a full second after I "drew" them. Doesn't seem so bad, but it gets old, fast. 

Anyways, wish me luck! And happy new years y'all!


LEGO Space blobs part 2 by thebobguy
LEGO Space blobs part 2
Ok. Had to stop and take a break from lego blobs. Wanted to post the dozen I finished.
LEGO Space blobs by thebobguy
LEGO Space blobs
Woohoo! Lego space astronauts! Space sets were always one of my favorites. I had to throw a Bob Guy in there.

I have a second set in the works (post 1997 sets).

Bet you thought I was working on a set of Lego Movie blobs.
Blobs Milestones by thebobguy
Blobs Milestones
I had been meaning to make this for quite some time now. Whenever I'm drawing blobs and I hit a new hundred mark, it's a big deal for me. So, I thought it'd be cool to show which blobs had the honor of being a "milestone".

Update February, 2015 : Almost 5 years later I finally finished number 800! Benny from the Lego Movie! This gives you a little preview of what is coming. But it might not be what you think it is.

Update October 9, 2010 : I just finished number 700! The Galactic Manatee, my spaceship in my original comic, Daily Universal Humdrum.

Update August 15, 2010 : I just finished number 600! The Grim Reaper! This one was especially fun to draw, with his little fingers holding the scythe. I found myself giggling like a school girl while drawing it. Ah, but you may be wondering, what set did I draw this for? I guess you'll just have to wait and see!
Star Wars - A New Hope blobs by thebobguy
Star Wars - A New Hope blobs
So, this is clearly not all the characters or outfits from ANH. This doesn't mean they won't ever be "blobbed". Likewise Empire and Return, some Clone Wars and various Extended Universe characters will be "blobbed". I just decided, for the fun of it, to do some sets based on the trilogy (aka Original Trilogy, or OrigTrig as After Hours dubbed it). 

Some favorites on this:
Porkins! And the other Rebel Pilots
TK-421 (even if it looks like Han is saying it when he's next to the speech bubble)
What is thy bidding (my master)
Owen & Beru Lars, which I almost left off in the interest of taste
Breaking Bad + Despicable Me by thebobguy
Breaking Bad + Despicable Me
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as Minions.

A birthday gift for someone who loves Breaking Bad and Despicable Me. Thought this might be a fun mash up.


Bob Guy
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ThatBobGuy was taken, so I randomly tried thebobguy, and to my amazement it was available! I suppose this is a promotion? Going from "that guy named Bob" to "THE guy named Bob"
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